Root Canals

Root Canals

At Karen J Harris & Associates, root canal treatment is used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or has become infected due to injury. When a tooth has become severely infected, the tooth’s nerve can become damaged, causing pain. The interior of the tooth can become hollowed out and infected if a tooth is left untreated. 

Why You May Need a Root Canal?

If the pulp inside of your teeth is infected, you may end up needing a root canal. Since your tooth’s nerve runs through its center, the infection can spread and affect your entire tooth. You may notice pain when chewing or biting, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, and swelling.

The Advantages of Having a Root Canal Procedure

Better Than a Tooth Extraction

Many people choose to have a root canal over having to lose a tooth. A root canal removes an infection from a tooth, so it becomes a healthier tooth. Once a tooth is infected, it can hurt and throb. It can make eating difficult and can make a person feel self-conscious.

A root canal prevents more problems from occurring. A tooth that is infected can lead to an infection in the jaw depending on how severe it is. A root canal also prevents future problems from occurring.

Maintain the Natural Tooth Structure

Root canal therapy is an effective way to treat and restore the natural tooth structure. Unlike extraction, a root canal procedure preserves the natural tooth. Missing teeth can eventually cause other teeth to shift out of place and cause problems with other teeth.

Preserve Your Jawbone

When a tooth becomes infected or inflamed, it can cause damage to the surrounding tissues, including the bone. This can make the tooth unstable, which can make tooth loss and oral pain more likely.

During a root canal procedure, the inflamed or infected tissue is removed, which stops the spread of infection and limits the risk of tooth loss. This also preserves the health of the surrounding bone.

Restore Your Oral Health

A root canal procedure can help you maintain your oral health and smile. Root canals are intended to keep a tooth from being extracted. The procedure is highly successful and can help to eliminate pain. Root canals are a relatively simple procedure and can help to keep a damaged tooth in a healthy state.

Better Overall Health

Infection can be prevented with a root canal procedure. If you avoid the procedure, you may eventually have to undergo tooth extraction.

Preserve Your Chewing Function

A root canal procedure is performed to stop an infection. While an infected tooth can still be saved, it is most often recommended to remove the tooth. Removing the tooth will preserve the function and aesthetic of your smile.

If a tooth is extracted, it will prevent your other teeth from moving out of alignment, and it can help to prevent your jawbone from shrinking over time.

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